Clark Park Spring Garden Planting

Hello Green Machine 2012 Park Groups. We have come to share with you another great workday at one of our parks. On saturday April 28 the Green machine was at Clark Park assisting with a Spring Planting. The day started bright and early with Earl heading out to Share Nursery (our plant staging area in North Philly) to pick up the various plants that were ordered. Earl then met up with Lisa at Clark Park around 830AM to begin preparation and planning.

After Prep we were met by some of the friends group as well as neighbors of the Park who were eager to help us with our workday.

Some of the tasks for the workday were to remove and re-plant all the dead plantings, water and mulch the plantings as best we could with the mulch provided and create a stake and rope fence around the beds to prevent dog and human trampling.

Join us in celebrating the hard work and dedication of the Clark Park friends group. Everyone did a great job and we are very proud of them. As the Green Machine moves forward we are excited about our upcoming involvement in all of your parks. Also join us in wishing our fearless leader Nic a great honeymoon as he got married on Saturday and was unable to join us a Clark Park. We happily await your return Nic and wish you the very best. Congratulations.


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  1. Posted by Starr Garden Neighbors on May 2, 2012 at 11:51 am

    Clark Park, looks beautiful and thanks for the inspiration! Starr Garden can barely wait to get some new plants to put into the ground 🙂


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