Green Machine Pre – Summer Planning

On  May 16th to the 17th the Green Machine took a trip to each of our GM2012 Parks to see what they were up to. What we found was very exciting.








Starr Garden did a great job at sheet mulching there garden beds. Congratulations to Kate and Laurel for a great job at coordinating this with a few volunteers. Keep up the great work Starr garden.









Look at that great garden bed at Lutheran settlement house. It appears that sheet muclhing worked very well at Lutheran. All of the garden beds look great and the friends group is definetly ready to go. I personally love the enthusiasm that Lutheran has in terms of making the best out of their beautiful space. Great Job you all keep up the great momentum you have.









Love your park turned out to be a great day for Pretzel park. The garden beds are completely cleared of weeds. The friends group also took advantage of the free annuals thatwere given out for Love your park and created a beautiful spring planting in their garden bed.








Green Machine took a ride out to the northeast to check in on Pennypack Park. The friends group began to do a little weeding in this garden bed but more planning was needed. So Green Machine took a ride to the community meeting where we met some very entusiastic people with excellent ideas. One good workday with some machinery will help us remove some tree stumps and  weed trees so we can start from a fresh pallete.

Thats it for our pre planning tour. We hope you all continue to love your park and we will see you soon.


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  1. Our Parks and Gardens are looking lovely. Thanks for all your hard work Nic & Earl!


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