KidZ NitE at Jefferson Square

Hello GM2012 groups. We wanted to share this great idea and opportunity with you all. Every Wednesday night at Jefferson Square the friends group hosts an event called “kidz Nite”. This event is hosted in Jefferson Square every Wednesday at 6:30PM and is essentially an time for the youth in the area to come to the park and participate in some organized play time. The event is organized by Mark berman a board member for the Friends of Jefferson Square as well as the President of Manton Street Park friends group. We wanted to share theis event with you all because it provideds not only a place where youth can enjoy the park in a safe way but to bring the community together. In the parks world we believe that positive use of public spaces drives out negative use of those spaces and this is a perfect example of bringing  a community together to utilize and become invested in their public spaces. So if you are ever interested in joining the friends of Jefferson Square come on out any Wednesday this Sprin/Summer.

Join The Friends of Jefferson Square

@ Jefferson Square Park

(3rd and Washington Ave)

KidZ NitE

All Free


All are welcome

Wednesday Nights @ 6:30PM


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