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Engaging Volunteers!


Starr Garden had our bi-weekly gardening last night, with only two volunteers!   Despite the small (and usual turnout!) We were able to accomplish so much in two short hours!!  I’ll be sure to post some before and after shots once I get the forsythia hedges pruned!

My question to all you other Green Machine Parks, I am curious to know your methodology (if any!) for finding and engaging volunteers!  We seem to have the same handful (literally 5) who really contribute to the gardening aspect.  Not sure if this is par for the course or I’m crazy to expect a good 15-20 people!  So far, besides publicizing our gardening meet-ups as good exercise, social time with neighbors, beautification of the park, education in gardening, etc…we provide free water ice vouchers.   Does anyone else have any good tips?   


Mifflin Square Workshop

Hello 2012 Park groups The workshop scheduled for June 30th 2012 at Mifflin Square has been rescheduled for September. Once i confirm the date and time i will provide it for all of  you. The workshop on July 14th at Pennypack is still shceduled.

July 14, 2012      Pennypack Park         “Weed ID” Michael Lofurno

                                    10am – 11:30am

Address (That park entrance is the 3000 block of Rhawn Street OR at the intersection of Rhawn St and Winchester Ave)

See you all there.

Chanticleer with the 2012 Green Machine Groups

On Sunday June 10, 2012 Green machine hosted a field trip to Chanticleer in an effort to provide our

park groups with a little inspiration for the future plantings.

We were joined by Pennypack Park, Clark Park, Lutheran Settlement House, and Starr Garden. Inspiration was what we sought and inspiration was definetly what we attained.

Chanticleer was created for people with a desire to quite the soul. from the moment you enter through the gates you will be blown away by the garden designs. There are numerouse places to just sit and relax.

People come from far and wide to paint scenes right out of the garden.

With all of this inspiration we can hardly wait to get to work in our GM2012 gardens.