The Highline

Hello GM2012, I hope all is well in your respective parks. I just wanted to say a few things and share one of my many great experiences in New york for the Greater Greener Conference that i attended.

First I am happy to report that all of our GM2012 parks have succesfully completed Phase two of our 4 part design project.

Congratulations everyone, we are just about half of the way through and september is right around the corner. We are very excited to get to worrk in your gardens.

Secondly, I wanted to share with you all one of my tours during my trip to New York. So as you all may know there is a beautiful and histroic public landscape that hyas recently opened in New York. This landscape is called The Highline. The Highline is a restored railway thattravels from 12th st to about 29th st in New Yorks Manhattan section. If you havent had the opportunity to visit i recommend that you do but for now  i will bring The Highline to you.

The Highline was restored to its current beauty about 3 years ago and it is amazing. The one thing that instantly grabbed my attention was that The Highline is essentially run by a friends group. The friends group or Friends of The Highline is a 501c3 community organization that commisioned the city of New York to not destroy this historic rail way but instead make it a public green space and what a public green space it is.

The friends of the Highline spoke with me and informed me that they commision art work every year from local artist and hide/place the artwork throughout the garden. This is exciting because it sort of gives one a reason to return every year to see the new art work and not to mention just relax in a beautiful place.

Once i heard that the art work was placed in 6 locations on the Highline i was determined to find them all. Sort of like an easter egg hunt and it was a blast. here are the art pieces.

This particular piece is 1 of 3 pieces that embodies the artist love of animals and food. here is 2 and 3.

It was very exciting walking around looking in the bushes and under benches to find them all.


This little guy that i have named Zack was one of my favorites because he was not hidden or he was hidden in plain sight. He embodies pure hipster on a very hip public landscape.

I will add the last image and a final view of the highline on another post as i have run out of space.

Hope you all enjoy



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  1. Cool space!!! Gives me a great idea to try to engage artists and a local arts group to put sculptures in our garden beds!


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