The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s (PHS) mission is to motivate people to improve the quality of life and create a sense of community through horticulture.  Philadelphia Green (PG) is the urban greening program of PHS which works with residents and other key stakeholders on a wide range of greening and stewardship initiatives.   PG works with Department of Parks Recreation (PDPR) and other partners to reclaim and revitalize Philadelphia’s parks and improve the quality of life in urban communities.  The PG Parks Revitalization Project values neighborhood parks as anchors for healthy, livable neighborhoods. The Green Machine pilot project is supported by Subaru and funded by the William Penn Foundation and the Philadelphia Committee of the Garden Club of America.



The Green Machine will provide horticultural support to park groups in order to better sustain and manage gardens within park landscapes. In addition, this grant opportunity will educate communities about sustainable greening and make neighborhood parks more beautiful.

Selected parks will receive weekly, hands on, on-site technical assistance for planting and green infrastructure maintenance. PHS’s Green Machine team will consist of technical experts in gardening who will work with selected park group volunteers to plan and care for existing planting beds and planters. In addition to technical support, selected park groups will receive plants, materials, and supplies needed for the project. The program will run from April through November 2012 with the expectation that park groups selected will recruit volunteers to continue maintenance.

Potential projects must have:

  • Existing gardens, planting beds, or large planters in a neighborhood park (No new gardens or landscapes will be created through this program)
  • Park groups interested and committed to workshops and hands-on education sessions
  • Park groups with the ability to attract neighborhood volunteers

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