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Spring Clean UP

The Mayor’s Spring Clean Up is such an inspiring day in Philadelphia. As the Green Machine set off in the morning to our gardens, it warmed our hearts to see the streets filled with neighbors armed with brooms, shovels and trash bags. Because as we all know, sometimes it’s hard to see the beuty of a spring tulip or daffodil when the garden bed is covered with trash. And we are proud to say that our Green Machine Gardens were a huge presence for the day.

Not only was Jefferson Square able to get out over 100 volunteers, but a dedicated core group of the friends group worked with a fury in what Park President Mike Toklish called “The Rosette Mafia.” In just two hours, they were able to to attack these 6 beds with over 30 unruly rose bushes:








And they handled them with such tender loving care, that they were able to help out a 2011 park in need. Most of our 2011 planting at Dickinson Square was destroyed by the new park construction, leaving this:








Now thanks to Jefferson Squares great volunteers, they have this beautiful rose garden:







(Look at Earl water those roses, like a pro)

After a little more rose pruning at Dickinson, we traveled to Starr Garden where their parks group was leading a day that included cleaning out the future planting beds, as well as painting park benches and well as cleaning out all of the leaves and trash that accumulated through out the winter. We can’t wait to get some more plants in there to bring some color to this already beautiful garden:








So we admit that we forgot to take the after pictures. But that ivy is gone and the bed is looking great. Hopefully Starr can post something about that.

And finally, this wasn’t part of the clean up day, but we had a great day at Lutheran Settlement House on Sunday. Being that their group was all very impressed with the sheet mulching video we showed at the kick off, we went at it, sheet mulching old beds and creating a few new. Maybe they’ll make a cool sheet mulching video for Youtube one of these days too.









In the middle:








And after:








As you can all see, the weekend was transformative. We feel we are off to a great start and can’t wait to get out in the gardens with you all through out the season.

-The Green Machine



Green Machine Kicks Off 2012

On April 5th, we officially welcomed our 6 parks groups into the Green Machine Program. It was a night of good food, good drink, and a lot of great energy around revitalizing these parks. We at the Green Machine think that a vibrant park is one of the most important resources for a safe, active, and peaceful community. And we couldn’t be happier to be working with these great groups, in these amazing neighborhoods that traverse all of Philadelphia.

It’s going to be a great summer. Keep checking this blog for the story of how it all unfolds.

-Green Machine