Reminder for Chanticleer Field Trip On June 10th

Hello Park groups, we just wanted to remind you all about our great field trip to Chanticleer

on June 10th, 2012 at 10AM.

Dont forget to RSVP with Earl regarding seating and entry into park.

Have a great weekend


KidZ NitE at Jefferson Square

Hello GM2012 groups. We wanted to share this great idea and opportunity with you all. Every Wednesday night at Jefferson Square the friends group hosts an event called “kidz Nite”. This event is hosted in Jefferson Square every Wednesday at 6:30PM and is essentially an time for the youth in the area to come to the park and participate in some organized play time. The event is organized by Mark berman a board member for the Friends of Jefferson Square as well as the President of Manton Street Park friends group. We wanted to share theis event with you all because it provideds not only a place where youth can enjoy the park in a safe way but to bring the community together. In the parks world we believe that positive use of public spaces drives out negative use of those spaces and this is a perfect example of bringing  a community together to utilize and become invested in their public spaces. So if you are ever interested in joining the friends of Jefferson Square come on out any Wednesday this Sprin/Summer.

Join The Friends of Jefferson Square

@ Jefferson Square Park

(3rd and Washington Ave)

KidZ NitE

All Free


All are welcome

Wednesday Nights @ 6:30PM

Rain Garden Workshop at Vernon Park

In case you missed this great opporrtunity. On May 19th at Vernon Park, Green Machine hosted a Rain Garden Workshop. The great Lori Hayes was our presenter and she did an awesome job. Thank you to Lori Hayes, friends of Vernon Park and TTF for helping us organize this event.

The Rain Garden at Vernon park was installed last year just in time for Love your Park Fall or better known as Fall for your park. The project was completed by PWD (Philadelphia Water Department), TTF (Tookany Tacony Frankford Watershed Organization) and AKRF (a consulting company that handled the actual installation of the rain garden). We thank those groups for a job well done.

Lori began with a thrilling introduction of philadelphias watersheds and moved right into the wild life that comes along with installing a rain garden with native plants as well as the benefits of these native creatures for our parks. Lori even brought some of her own examples of plants that would attract desired wildlife as well as some books and notes from her research to share with the crowd.

Luckily it was a beautiful day on Saturday so Lori was able to take the group on a walking workshop tour of the rain garden. We discussed the mechanics that went into the design and how one could create a rain garden on their own property. There was even discussion on green roofs and rain barrels for all of you that are interested in sustainability.

The workshop ran for about an hour. Once the workshop ended we were able to stand around under Vernon Parks gorgeous tree canopy and have some tea while we discussed everything under the sun. All in all it was a great day to enjoy Vernon parks rain garden and a terrific workshop by Lori Hayes. If you were unable to make it  i hope you will join us for our next workshop entitled “Herbs”. Thank you all for your participation. See below for more details on our next workshop.

June 30, 2012     Mifflin Square   “Herbs”               Doris Stahl

11:30am – 12:30pm

6th St. and Wolf Philadelphia, 19148

Green Machine Pre – Summer Planning

On  May 16th to the 17th the Green Machine took a trip to each of our GM2012 Parks to see what they were up to. What we found was very exciting.








Starr Garden did a great job at sheet mulching there garden beds. Congratulations to Kate and Laurel for a great job at coordinating this with a few volunteers. Keep up the great work Starr garden.









Look at that great garden bed at Lutheran settlement house. It appears that sheet muclhing worked very well at Lutheran. All of the garden beds look great and the friends group is definetly ready to go. I personally love the enthusiasm that Lutheran has in terms of making the best out of their beautiful space. Great Job you all keep up the great momentum you have.









Love your park turned out to be a great day for Pretzel park. The garden beds are completely cleared of weeds. The friends group also took advantage of the free annuals thatwere given out for Love your park and created a beautiful spring planting in their garden bed.








Green Machine took a ride out to the northeast to check in on Pennypack Park. The friends group began to do a little weeding in this garden bed but more planning was needed. So Green Machine took a ride to the community meeting where we met some very entusiastic people with excellent ideas. One good workday with some machinery will help us remove some tree stumps and  weed trees so we can start from a fresh pallete.

Thats it for our pre planning tour. We hope you all continue to love your park and we will see you soon.

Love Your Park at Pretzel Park

For this Love Your Park Service Day the Green Machine joined Pretzel Park in a large workday in colaboration with Greenwoods Charter School.








Thanks to Greenwoods Charter School and the Friends of Pretzel Park we recieved over 200 volunteers who came out to weed garden beds, plant trees, clean benches, pick up trash and add new wood chips to their dog run area.









With volunteers young and old, small and big, experienced and not so experienced Pretzel Park is looking great. Thank you to all those that were able to come out and help. Im sure we couldnt have done it without you.

Now that the park is in great condition the Green MAchine can work with the firends group to replant their garden beds and prepare the group to organize events like this more often because we dont just love our parks for Love Your Park week. We have to love our parks all year long.  Great Job everyone.

Clark Park Spring Garden Planting

Hello Green Machine 2012 Park Groups. We have come to share with you another great workday at one of our parks. On saturday April 28 the Green machine was at Clark Park assisting with a Spring Planting. The day started bright and early with Earl heading out to Share Nursery (our plant staging area in North Philly) to pick up the various plants that were ordered. Earl then met up with Lisa at Clark Park around 830AM to begin preparation and planning.

After Prep we were met by some of the friends group as well as neighbors of the Park who were eager to help us with our workday.

Some of the tasks for the workday were to remove and re-plant all the dead plantings, water and mulch the plantings as best we could with the mulch provided and create a stake and rope fence around the beds to prevent dog and human trampling.

Join us in celebrating the hard work and dedication of the Clark Park friends group. Everyone did a great job and we are very proud of them. As the Green Machine moves forward we are excited about our upcoming involvement in all of your parks. Also join us in wishing our fearless leader Nic a great honeymoon as he got married on Saturday and was unable to join us a Clark Park. We happily await your return Nic and wish you the very best. Congratulations.

Tree Training Workshop in Clark Park

Hello everyone, I just wanted to remind you all of the Tree Trining Workshop in Clark Park on April 24, 2012 at 6:30pm until 7:30pm facilitated by Mindy Maslin of PHS.

Come on out to Clark park for Basic Tree tending knowledge for your own tree maintenance efforts because good trees make good neighbors.